Our Story

Armstrong Glass Company is a leading art glass manufacturer and distributor located in Phoenix, Arizona. As a supplier to both retail and wholesale customers, we offer a large selection of art glass, fusible glass, accessory glass, architectural glass and supplies. 

Past, Present & Future

In 1977, Armstrong Glass Company was established to serve the art and architectural glass communities when demand for stained glass and art glass outweighed available production capacity. Stained glass manufacturers typically had huge backlogs and didn’t have the ability to fill them in a timely manner. We saw an opportunity to satisfy this demand and began a limited production line of Armstrong stained glass.

Today, Armstrong Glass Company's brands are recognized worldwide. We offer hundreds of colors, combinations and textures. Because each sheet is individually mixed by hand, our glass lines are unique by nature and impossible to find anywhere else. As a supplier specializing in stained, fusing, mosaic and architectural glass, we invite architects, artists, cabinet makers, designers, hobbyists, and manufacturers to visit our storefront in Phoenix, Arizona or our online store to experience our expansive glass and supply selection.

Tomorrow and every day that follows, we will continue to serve the art and architectural glass communities. We hope to captivate a broader audience to introduce them to this versatile and vibrant art form and strive to maintain this company's dedication to personalized customer service and high-quality products.