Armstrong Glass

Armstrong Art Glass, or stained glass as it is often referred to, is available in almost 500 different colors and color combinations. Armstrong art glass includes beautiful and unique textured glass for your special designs and for cabinet glass. We also offer more than 50 standard colors in our iridescent glass line.

Each sheet of Armstrong art glass is individually mixed by hand. As a result, every sheet of glass has a unique character, even within the same item number. And because we mix by hand, we can offer many four, five and six color combinations of Armstrong Art Glass that you simply can’t find anywhere else!

In addition, there are many clear textures that are frequently used for cabinet glass or in other decorative applications for the home or office. Seedy glass, or seeded glass, is also frequently used in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Whether you are in Atlanta, or anywhere else in the world, Armstrong Glass is available to you.