Square Candle Holder Mold

Square Candle Holder Mold

Colour de Verre

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Colour de Verre Square Candle Holder Mold

  • This is one of the three designs in Colour de Verre's new candle holder series.
  • The two piece mold produces a 3” square tea light holder.
  • Mix 5-10% fine transparent or opal frit with fine clear frit to produce subtle colors that play with the candle light; or mix two or three medium dark color frits with medium clear frit to create pieces that resemble granite.
  • Like Colour de Verre's boxes, you can embellish the finished tea light holder with cast elements, frit balls, shaped rods, or stringers and noodles.
  • They even look wonderful unadorned.
  • These pieces make great gifts that friends will appreciate.
  • The mold is 5.5” x 5.5” x 3” and holds 250 grams.

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