Black Angels Silhouette Decals

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Black Angels Silhouette Decals

  • These black enamel decals are the perfect accent to your fused glass piece.  
  • These decals are easy to apply and fire best at 1350-1425 degrees F.
  • The individual decals range from tiny (less than 1/4") to about 1".

Instructions for Use:     

  1. Be sure your glass is clean before applying the decal.      
  2. Cut the image out as close to the edge as possible.     
  3. Remove the wax paper barrier from the decal and soak in clean water for approximately 40 seconds.     
  4. The decal will release from the paper backing easily and slide on to your glass.    
  5. Using a paper towel, squeegee or rolling pin, be sure to remove all water and air bubbles from underneath the decal.    
  6. Allow the decal to dry completely before firing (overnight is recommended).     
  7. Fire according to packaged instructions.

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