Skulls Mold

Skulls Mold

Colour de Verre

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Colour de Verre Skulls Mold

  • Skulls! Three sizes. Six castings in every firing.
  • Use them to embellish edgy platters, plates, and candle holders.
  • Or, let them stand alone as jewelry, objets d’art ,or “worry stones”. They are perfect for art shows and studio sales as they make great little gifts.
  • The finished skulls are 1.25”, 1.5”, and 1.75” (32, 38, and 44mm) from chin to forehead.
  • The mold is 6.5” by 5.25” (16.5 by 13.5cm).
  • The cavities hold 10, 17, and 25 grams.

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