Round 3" Vented Brass Vase Cap

Armstrong Glass Company

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Round 3" Vented Brass Vase Cap

These Round 3" Vented Vase Caps are made of spun and stamped solid brass. They flatter in profile with perforations to release heat build up. They are often utilized in fancy Tiffany style stained glass lamp shades. This particular heat cap has more openings to release heat from the bulb than the other standard brass vase caps. They are lightweight, are a flat style cap and designed to be tinned with solder.

Tip: All brass exposed to the humidity in air can discolor over time. We keep the vase caps in an airtight bag to help slow this effect down. When making lampshades using these heat caps, it's best to flux and tin them with solder first before attaching them to the stained glass lampshades. Once the lampshade is completed, patina can easily be applied to the entire lampshade.

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