Modern Weave Fuser Mold

Modern Weave Fuser Mold

Colour de Verre

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Colour de Verre Modern Weave Fuser Mold

  • The stylized weave presents so many design possibilities.
  • Fill the Modern Weave Pattern Fuser with any combination of frits and sheet glass and then fire.
  • Our favorite is to take three closely related colors and alternately fill the bands.
  • No matter how it is filled, the results are a deeply textured panel that can be slumped into a plate or bowl.
  • Leave flat for contemporary wall art.
  • The "dams" that surround the Pattern Fuser's edge contains the glass and produce pieces with a finished, crafted appearance.
  • The Modern Weave Pattern Fuser produces panels up to 9.75" (24.5cm) square.
  • The mold itself is 10.75" (27.5cm) square.
  • Fill weight 900 to 1,000 grams.

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