Boxing Charges

Shipping glass requires special care and our boxes are specially designed for this purpose. A boxing charge of $10.50 is applied to all standard glass orders and will be added after the order is placed. There is no minimum number of sheets that must be purchased but the boxing charges apply whether one sheet or 10 sheets are purchased.

Larger boxes for 24"x24" sheets and cabinet glass require more packaging material. A large box charge of $40.00 will be added to glass orders for sheet sizes larger than 20”. We can fit up to 5 pieces of similar sizes glass into one box. We CANNOT ship smaller pieces (I.E. 16”x18”) with larger sheets of glass. The smaller sheets will break the larger pieces during shipment. Mixed sized orders will be shipped in separate boxes and boxing charges will be applied accordingly. These charges can be quoted by calling (800) 241-5013.


Lead, Zinc, and Rebar

Lead and Zinc are sold as a 6 foot long strips. UPS charges additional shipping and requires additional packaging for metals that are shipped as 6' lengths. A boxing charge of $9.00 will be added to lead and zinc orders after the order is placed and additional shipping costs may be incurred. When lead or zinc is cut in half for shipping a $4.00 boxing charge will be applied to the order.