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Armstrong Glass is a specialty American stained glass fusing glass and architectural glass manufacturer located near Atlanta, GA.

We started small, serving the professional market.

Armstrong Glass Company was established in 1977, when demand for stained glass and art glass outweighed available production capacity. Stained glass manufacturers typically had huge backlogs and didn’t have the ability to fill them in a timely manner. We saw an opportunity to serve the art and architectural glass market and began production of Armstrong stained glass with a limited range of 20 colors. We are located in Kennesaw, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta.

Today, we’re worldwide stained glass manufacturers.

During the past 30 years, we’ve evolved into a leading stained glass manufacturer, known worldwide. Today, we manufacture almost 500 colors and color combinations in our standard line of stained glass. Armstrong art glass includes beautiful and unique textured glass for your special designs and for cabinet glass. We also offer more than 50 standard colors in our iridescent glass line.

Each sheet of Armstrong stained glass is individually mixed by hand. As a result, every sheet of glass has a unique character, even within the same item number. And because we mix by hand, we can offer many four-, five- and six-color combinations of Armstrong art glass you simply can’t find anywhere else. 

For hot glass and warm glass work, we’ve introduced the Float Fire 82™ family of float glass compatible fusing products.

Armstrong Glass also offers Float Fire 82, our float glass compatible fusing product for hot glass and warm glass applications. This blockbuster product line consists of float compatible fusing glass as well as a full complement of float compatible glass frits, fusible glass powders, glass confetti, glass stringers and glass paints. We have also introduced bubble powder to the Float Fire 82 line of float compatible fusing products. Float Fire 82 opens up new opportunities in making decorative glass objects, tabletops, glass tiles, glass sinks, bowls, room dividers and just about anything you can design for the home. And you can also use it in flat glass applications as well as in glass slumping, fusing, etching, sand-blasting and draping.

To buy any of the items offered by Armstrong Glass, visit our online stained glass and supplies store or visit our huge stained glass and supplies outlet store in Kennesaw/Atlanta, GA.